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Sunday Worship

The Keene Unitarian Universalist Church (KUUC) is a Welcoming Congregation. The church offers a Sunday service at 10:00am with Religious Education Classes and Child Care also available at 10:00am. A Social Hour in the Parish Hall follows each service.

We are located in Keene, just past the center of town, at 69 Washington Street.  There is street parking only.  Ramp entrance from Taylor Street.

Church Office Hours:

We currently do not have regular hours. Please call for information on when the office will be open.


Meet our Settled Minister, Rev. Michael F. Hall


For more information you can call the office at

603-352-1719 x 0

or email:

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Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.



November Hymn of the Month: 
#1028 “The Fire of Commitment”

In 2014-15, November is “Month of Sundays” a month long whole church exploration of a particular issue or theme through the many lenses of worship, fellowship activities, religious education, covenant groups spiritual practice, service and public witness. This year our theme is “Committing to Economic Justice.” A full “Month of Sundays” calendar and a description of program offerings can be found elsewhere in this publication and will be posted in various locations throughout the church.


November 2: “Freedom, Free Them, Free Yourself”
We begin our worship this month by focusing on what it is going to take to repair the systems that lead to Economic Disparity and Exploitation. Rev. Michael begins his sermon series by asking the question: How can we free ourselves from attitudes, practices and structures that impoverish us all. Sounds heavy for a Multi-Generational Service, but don’t worry, there is something in this message for everyone. Today the choir shares a classic gospel tune and all are welcome to share their Joys and Concerns. Don’t forget Daylight Savings ends in the wee hours prior to our service so set your clocks back!

November 9: “You Ought to Be Committed”
What are the qualities necessary to do long-term Economic Justice work? Whether you are on the front lines serving people in need, or trying to change the system, commitment, that is clarity of purpose combined with sustained effort, is essential to getting things done. If “service is our prayer” than what will it take to make this work our collective spiritual practice? Animaterra sings, Rev. Michael preaches and there will be a special Multi-Generational moment based on the theme of commitment. In a change from the usual routine the kids will be at Children’s Chapel today.

November 16: “Meet Me at the Corner (of Religion and the Real World)”
One church can do amazing things in this world, it’s true. Yet, when it comes to making substantive and systematic change, it is best to have partners. Our theme for today is reaching out; how do we build alliances with other faith communities, with local government, business leaders and non-profits to create equity and economic justice. The choir sings as part of a special Multi-Generational Moment. 

November 23: “Give and Take”
Everyone is in the sanctuary today as we celebrate generosity and gratitude, the twin pillars of faith formation, spiritual growth and ethical living. Rev. Michael will share some lessons he learned from his former work depicting the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. There will be a Time for All Ages and we will share our Joys and Concerns.
November 30: The Open Door
In the final service of our Month of Sundays: Committing to Economic Justice programming, we reexamine all that we have done and that which we have committed ourselves to as we go forward together. Through the open door between the season of thanks and the season of hope we will march, as agents of change and representatives of our lively and loving faith. During this Multi-Generational service we will kick off our participation in the annual UUSC Guest at Your Table program.


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