Worship Calendar

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Our theme for the month of May is “Thresholds.” It seems strange that May’s theme should be about thresholds as it seems 2020 has been full of them. Together let us think about the times we have crossed over boundaries, made courageous decisions, jumped into new and unexpected adventures. Sounds like fun! (?) Watch previous “virtual services” here.

You will receive an email with a YouTube link to the service on Friday or Saturday and it can be viewed whenever you wish. Also, with that link will be an invitation to join in the “Zoom Virtual Coffee Hour,” which runs from 10:30-11:30 each Sunday morning.

May 31, 2020 “Break on Through”

(Rev. Michael) Sometimes people get stuck in the mire, sometimes larger systems, (like cities and churches), can’t seem to break through to a new way of being themselves. What is the big secret to finding success while not losing yourself in the effort?

The folks at Soul Matters have changed the original theme of the month, which was to be “Play,” to the theme of “Compassion.” We may use one, the other, or both, because June is a different month from all the rest: it’s a time of transitions and traditions, as much as anything else. This June is bound to be like no other with the continued changes in social patterns and ongoing threat to public health brought on by the pandemic. At least we will explore it together.

June 7: “Let It Be a Dance”

(Rev. Michael) This service is something of a wild card. It may be a new kind of Music Sunday for the Covid-19 Era, or it may be a celebration of the ways we move and are moved by the music of life. You’ll just have to wait and see.

June 14: “No Participation, No (Good) Government”

(Rev. Michael) Ours is a voluntary association with a congregational (member-led) form of polity (or governing structure). Today is Annual Meeting, and our service touches on how this yearly event brings together and blends our theology, polity and traditions with the people who comprise this congregation now. How should the time, treasure and talent our membership—and non-member friends– -gives to the congregation be used to preserve what is important, let go what isn’t? What new ideas should we explore and support to live our mission and expand our influence as a free religion in the Monadnock region.

June 21: “Flowers to a Fare Thee Well”

(Rev. Michael) The last service of what is often referred to as the “church year,” the more formal 10-month journey from late summer to the beginning of summer, today’s service is as much a new beginning as it is an end. We will celebrate our annual Flower Communion ceremony in a very different way and celebrate some of the people who have made 2019-2020 a memorable and important year in the life of our congregation; even amid some very harsh times in the world around us.