Worship Calendar

Find information about upcoming church services here. Also, see our church year in overview in a nutshell. Or read our monthly newsletter here. Our worship theme for December is “Awe”. What does it mean to be a people of awe? (Or should that be what does it mean to be awesome people?)

December 8, Ordinary Awesome

(Rev. Michael) Perhaps it would be easier to be people of awe if we could take the time to see and celebrate the ordinary blessings of our lives. Today we will look at spiritual simplicity. There will be a special Buddhist Story for All Ages and the Choir will share their musical ministry with us.

December 15, Sufi Poets and Mystics

(Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy) Sufism has been called the mystical tradition of Islam and has been a force for bridging the gap between Islam and the West and spreading a message of interfaith respect and peace. The Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafiz, very popular in the West, provide a window for encountering the beauty and mystery at the core of Islam. This program is brought to you through the generosity of the Downing Trust out of the Concord UU church. There will be a Time for All Ages and the adults will share their Joys and Concerns in community.

December 22, Solstice Here and Now

(Worship Team) It has been a few years since we brought Solstice to our Sanctuary, and we hope to celebrate this remarkable time in the turning wheel of the Earth in fine style: with movement, music, stories and singing. Who knows what this little day will bring to our hallowed hall? Perhaps some old friends; a band of singers and Morris Dancers?

Tuesday, December 24, 7 P.M.  Peace and Goodwill

(Rev. Michael) Tonight, we gather in way we don’t always do: dressed up, happy to see old friends, looking to show off our church to the grandchildren, to sing old carols as if for the first time. On Christmas Eve we will see the child born once again in his little stall, surrounded by his poor and humble parents, and animals and singing angels. Eventually the wisest of people will follow the great star to him and bow. The service will feature “The No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant,” the KUUC Choir and much more. Rev. Michael will offer a message of peace and goodwill. Don’t forget to come the Wassail, sponsored by the Board of Trustees. That begins at 6 P.M.

December 29, What if I Knew I Would Never See it Again?

(Rev. Michael) On this last Sunday of the year, we celebrate the beauty of the earth, the goodness always emerging from the unspeakable and heartbreaking, the breathtaking hold of Love has on us, the power of youth to remake the world and maybe even save it.